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How it works?

No one likes a diet that forbids foods you love. ShapeSolutions offers a simple way to help you lose weight.

You can choose what you eat, nothing is banned. A realistic calorie allowance means you won't go hungry. Still enjoy treats and a night out. A personal food diary tracks what you eat. It's so simple to do you probably won't even feel like you're on a diet!

What you get

A personal food and exercise diary

  • - Tracks daily food intake against your personal calorie target.
  • - Counts your 5-a-day servings and alcohol units.
  • - Shows calories burned in exercise.

Calorie checker for over 90,000 UK food and drinks:

  • - One of the biggest online so you're sure to find the products you're looking for.
  • - Includes popular eating out places, coffee shops and pub food.
  • - Save your 'favourites' for speedy searching.

Food swap ideas and eating guides

  • - Discover how to make your calorie allowance go further by making smart food switches.
  • - No need to go without, just choose more carefully.

Weigh in and body measurement charts:

  • - Track your changing shape and weight.
  • - Weigh in weekly and report your loss in the ShapeSolutions forum.

Online community for help and support:

  • - Get plenty of encouragement and keep motivated by sharing your progress with other ShapeSolutions members.

Mobile access

  • - Log into your account from your phone from our mobile optimised site to update your food diary when you eat. Suitable for any smart phone.

Get expert advice if you need it:

  • - Our ShapeSolutions nutrition and fitness professionals can help.
  • - Plus our friendly Support Team can explain how to get the most from your membership.
14-day free trial